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We are convinced that every human being is entitled to regardless of its origin, the right to medical care. That's why our Doctors make volunteering in developing countries and help there, where the misery is part of everyday life.

Each year, more than 300 German Doctors go to the use and treat in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sierra Leone and the Philippines, countless patients who could afford otherwise, a visit to the doctor. Away from home care our doctors on a daily basis to the health care of the people and the training of local employees. Accompanying preventive measures such as nutrition programs or food hygiene training contribute to improve the health of patients in a sustainable way.

The use of doctors work in their annual leave or retired for a period of six weeks, without any remuneration and to wear a minimum of one-half of the cost of the flight itself. Since 1983, over 7,000 applications with more than 3,300 Medical professionals, and medical professionals have been carried out – we offer our patients this way for more than 30 years, help!

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