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The afa Crohn RCH France is today the only French organization, recognized of public utility, to devote itself to the Intestinal Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (IBD), Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

The association has several missions:
• to heal by supporting basic and clinical research programs, by proposing improvements in the course of care and by producing knowledge about our illnesses or "living with" them;
• inform and support sick people and their loved ones through a network of trained professionals and volunteers across 22 regions and our internet tools;
• share their experience with other sick people and their loved ones on the internet or at local meetings;
• represent all sick people and their loved ones, bring their voices to political and health decision-makers;
• train and inform health professionals about the everyday with the disease;
• communicate about our diseases, which are still far too little known and taboo;
• act as a public health actor in health democracy. Afa is committed to developing research, better informing, focusing on listening and supporting the sick and their loved ones, to bring their voice to the decision-making bodies of health, to communicate for to (re) know our diseases, to better inform health professionals about the issues of "living with".

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