Prizle gives considerable importance to the protection and the respect of your private life. The current privacy policy aims to inform you about the practices regarding the gathering, usage and sharing of the information you provide through our platform (“Site”), which is accessible from the website or our web applications.

This privacy policy features the way in which we treat the personal data that you provide us and that we gather. We invite you to read attentively the current document to know and understand the treatment of your personal data on the website and on our web application.


Prizle takes the privay of your data very seriously. We acknowledge and respect our legal obligations of the protection of your personal data. This site has been subjected to a declaration to the CNIL. We respect and overtake standar security measures for the treatment of your personal data, physically and electronically.


We are susceptible to gather and treat the following data while you use the website or the web application:

The information that you provide us directly at the sign up that are regularly used for identify you (“Personal Data”) with your last name, first name and your email address. This data is equally provided when you contact us -either by phone, email or any other means of communication- or when you consult us with a problem.
The information gathered due to the usage of cookies and similar technologies described below and in our Cookies Policy;
The information that you provide us when you use our website or application, including your IP address, your browser information, the information regarding your searches, those websites you visited and those donations that you have made to the associations via our website and using our tools (including our toolbar);
The information regarding our social media that you use to connect to our website;
The information regarding the purchases that you have made in those ecommerce sites that generate commissions via Prizle.

We store the information described above under your identification number that we assign you when you sign up on our website.

We do not collect nor keep your banking information (user) unless you are an association manager and your banking data is necessary for the proper transfer of funds.

Users are able to raise funds for the Associations since Prizle have negotiated partnerships with certain ecommerce sites, either directly or by way of affiliate networks. The gathering of information by third parties like the ecommerce sites or the affiliates regarding your navigation and your purchases are ruled by their own Cookies and Privacy policies.


We would like to offer our users the best possible service and some informations are necessary for the right functioning of our service of fundraising. It is first and foremost to ensure the right functioning of the website for every user and for every Association that we gather some information regarding the users, the Associations and the sum of commissions that are beneficial to the users for donating to the Associations.

The gathered information are also used for improving the website, verify the ways in which the website is used, detecting eventual problems or functioning obstacles and provide you with a more customized service for improving and facilitate the fundraising via Prizle.

We could use the gathered data to contact you by email or by other means if necessary, for updating our services and our partnerships, for featuring services that may potentially be of your interest and for helping you raise funds for the organization or association of your choice. We will also contact you if we are concerned about important changes or unusual records in your account.

You could ask us to stop sending you information at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link present in any of our newsletters or by contacting us through

Every personal data that you provide us will only be used by us, our service agents and providers, and it will not be disclosed unless it is required or authorised by the law. With the exception of what’s been described here, we will not transmit your personal data to third parties without your permission.


This privacy policy only concerns the information gathered by and its associated online services. Prizle will be held accountable for the usage of its database and the information that you provide voluntarily and directly on our online services platform. But we will not be held accountable for the management of data gathered by our partners. Some partners, such as ecommerce sites, associations, marketing agencies, affiliation platforms, analyse services, and other agents can also use cookies, pixels and/or connected technologies via our Services.

You are not anymore on your website when you visit the site of one of our Associations our one of our partner ecommerce websites, or if you access any other extern website through the intermediary of a link of our site. These third-party entities can use cookis and other technologies to make other procedures on behalf of other several ecommerce sites they represent. This data, gathered by these third parties while you use their websites or while you voluntarily put at their disposition, are subjected to their own usage conditions and privacy policy of each one of these sites, independently of Prizle. We recommend to consult them. We can share your information with third parties within the following circumstances: we communicate the sum of the raising with the Associations regarding the first chef so they can receive your fundraising, with the data aggregators that enable to analyse the usage of the website: in this case, your information will only be shared under an anonymous form and your personal data will not appear, replaced by a unique identifying number. If Prizle organizes a contest, or a promotion operation, or any other action in collaboration with third parties, the details of the privacy policy applied will be provided to you when that campaign happens.

Within the frame of any enterprise restructuring or reorganization or in case of the sale of every or some parts of Prizle’s activity, or of its assets to a third party, we will take actions to inform you and assure you that your privacy rights will remain protected.


We use cookies to improve and facilitate our usage of the website. The cookies help us recognize you when you return to our website and to identify the organization or association you support. The way in which we use cookies and similar technologies is described in our Cookie Policy.


Your information can be stored on our website with the purposes mentioned above in this Privacy Policy and during the time period necessary to your service use. Information like those are currently stored in a server infrastructure. We eliminate all of the personal information by name regarding the site users and the Associations if the user cancels his subscription on the website, although we could keep this information under an anonymous form. You can ask us to delete all of the information regarding your account by sending us an email to the address with the subject “Delete my account”.


Prizle reserves every right to make modifications to this Privacy Policy, if necessary. Every modification made will be published on our website. We advise our users to keep themselves continuously informed and to consult regularly our Privacy Policy. You can also be informed about changes regarding these conditions by email (with the condition of being registered to receive our communications by email) or via a notification on our website.

Contact us

If, at any moment, you wish to contact Prizle concerning this Privacy Policy, or in regards to your rights concerning your personal data, you can do it by sending us an email to