About us

Prizle is, on its core, the story about a friendship -that of its founders, and one that has taken them to collaborate plenty of times before committing 300% to this shared undertaking. On the line of their personal convictions and involvement, they have been looking forward for a long time to applying their skills to the service of an enterprise that would bear special meaning at the end of 2015. An unprecedented year in terms of the number and scope of natural catastrophes, migratory and humanitary crisis. A year that would compel them to make the leap towards social entrepreneurship.

Prizle is then the result of these events and this shared desire of putting forward a project with a strong social impact. Convinced that the solutions to society's major problems must be taken care of by actors of the civil society, we vow in admiration to those men and women who work really hard on the field and who put all of their skills to deal with urgent situations everyday. We have often been crossing paths with these inspiring journeys and exemplary vocations since we decided to launch Prizle, in mid-2017, aiming to assist those associations and NGO's with their missions.

Prizle is the simplest way we have found for helping them. Through inventing the free donation, we have placed it at the disposal of everyone, so that those who wish to do so, can raise funds freely for an association who needs that aid, with the goal of carrying their actions through a successful completion. And since fundraising is more than ever at the core of each association: the resources go through the whole European Community, even if the needs increase dramatically. That explains why making a donation or raising funds via Prizle doesn't have any cost at all -not even time!

Prizle is a social innovation enterprise incubated in the Business Innovation Center -the world's fourth incubator. Our team is mainly based at La Ruche Montpellier; a space devoted to collaborative entrepreneurship and centered around social innovation and positive economy.