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Aktion Hilfe für Kinder is one of the largest children's aid organisations in Germany. The goal is to help children and young people in emergency situations quickly, directly and unbureaucratically. The main focus is on the support of young people with mental or physical disabilities, as well as the combat of child poverty and child abuse. Assistance is provided in different ways, such as through the free rental of a handicapped accessible converted minibuses, or the rapid financial support in individual cases, if the regulatory hurdles are high and time-consuming. In addition, action promoting help for children a number of social projects of child and youth welfare in Germany.

In 2010, the Foundation action aid for children was founded. This is concentrated in the operational work on the further development in the child and youth welfare, progress, and an important part to contribute. Due to the recognition as a carrier of the free youth welfare, our Foundation projects, which offered an effective contribution to the further development of Support and assistance services designed. Thus, we wish to strengthen an ever-growing number of children and help to develop their existing potential.

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