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Active since 1991, Défense des Enfants International (DEI) -Belgique is the Belgian branch of the independent and non-governmental organization Defense for Children International, created in 1979 and present today in some forty countries.

DCI-Belgique works to promote and defend the rights of children, mainly through advocacy and lifelong learning. Indeed, DEI-Belgique has been recognized as a permanent education association by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation since 2010.

In this capacity, it ensures the production of educational tools for professionals in the field of youth and law, as well as lifelong education on the rights of the child through a multiplicity of trainings taking place throughout the year. DCI-Belgique also ensures legislative, political and civic watch: it deals with cases where the rights of children, as stipulated in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, are not respected.

The association engages in political actions (advocacy, lobbying) and legal actions (litigation, recourse to the courts). DCI-Belgique is also active internationally and regularly works on European and global projects.

The three main ongoing European projects are My Lawyer My Rights (right to legal counsel for minors in conflict with the law); Alternative Ways To Address Youth (restorative justice for minors in conflict with the law); Children's Rights Behind Bars (the rights of minors in places of deprivation of liberty).

These projects involve a research work that allows the identification of current issues and the possibility to undertake actions adapted to these issues, such as information and awareness through communication campaigns, human rights education child, the production of educational tools, lobbying and political advocacy.

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