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The 3 programs initiated by Expédition MED :

1/ scientific Program and participatory :
Initiation from 2009 of a "programme of scientific research and participatory with the laboratory citizen" to make a finding on this type of pollution. We seek to ensure the coherence of research activities and societal needs through a participatory approach and citizen-based in order to promote dialogue between the scientific world and the civil society. Scientists and citizens each year in the Mediterranean sea. The campaigns 2017 /2018 have been based on the study of " The plastisphère "

2/ outreach Program :
We use the wonderful means of awareness that is the science participatory to inform and mobilize the general public, decision-makers and the policy issues surrounding the protection of marine biodiversity in general. The creation of "Ocean plastic" a major exhibition of awareness-raising to inform and alert the general public, the academic, industrial, policy and decision-makers also allows us to promote durable solutions.

3/ Program actions :
The emergence of issues that meet the environmental concerns of the society and implement to respond to initiatives that include the involvement, action and commitment of citizens.

With the "Operations Waste coastal" this program allows us to identify the sources and origins of the waste in order to facilitate the implementation of durable solutions.
To know and recognize the problem of plastic waste in the sea.

The improvement of knowledge on marine litter and the implementation of management plans are long-term process, largely based on the research. Harmonization of approaches, the ability to quantify the smallest particles or nanoparticles, evaluation of sources and areas of accumulation of waste, a better understanding of the dynamics of the transport, degradation mechanisms and impacts on organisms and ecosystems, in particular the transport of pathogenic species or not, are all key questions in order to better understand the cycle of waste at sea, a prerequisite to optimized management of the problem.

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