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Reading a manual of medicine, a contract of insurance, a magazine, a web page... or, watching a movie, a sporting event... you never asked : "how do people who are visually impaired or blind to appropriate a written content, images, event...?"

Indeed, it is the daily of 1 200 000 people in France who are blind from birth or that have developed pathologies preventing access to the wealth of information (written or visual), is always present, surrounding us.

This is where HandiCaPZéro comes in !

How ? By offering devices free : adaptation and printing the content in braille, large letters, audio, web... Of the achievements that we want to be sustainable, after having designed with partners aware of and concerned.

Thousands of people use on a daily basis and free of charge, many services in the areas of health (records of drug), consumption (invoices), insurance (contracts), telephony (grip adapted phones), sport (guides to major sports events), the beauty (catalogs) ..., internet platform of the association 100 % accessible, has become a necessity.

It also allows you to have access to the latest news in all areas : info, weather, tv programmes audio-described version, consumption, culture, leisure accessible... The site now hosts 2 million visitors per year.

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