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Kirons innovative education model:

The Kiron model is particularly innovative, as it is adapted to the specific needs of our students with refugee backgrounds. The first phase of the study will be completed online and is especially for Refugees who are able to study due to barriers such as lack of documents or Learning the language, even at a University in the host country. The Online Curriculum
based on international educational standards. Here, the content of partners will be provided in the Form of Online courses, called Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). It
supports Kiron, the students in the Form of complementary Online and Offline Support services which contribute to a successful study. During the Online studies the Refugees can work to meet the requirements for the application to a University.

After enrollment at a University, the Refugees in the second phase of the study, the opportunity to complete a recognised qualification. In the case of Kiron provided learning benefits can the respective University will be credited.

Currently, more than 3300 refugee students have access to the Kiron learning platform. In addition to Germany, Kiron is also in Jordan and Lebanon active.

"It was easy to learn with Kiron online and everything was accessible. I was able to continue to learn, while I found out where I would like to change. By Kiron, I was able to understand my possibilities and the first steps." - Kamal, Kiron Student

"Kiron helped me to learn to integrate myself into German society, and more about the education system in Germany." Rima, Kiron Student

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