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Since 2012, La Cravate Solidaire tries to fight to his level this discrimination related to the image by proposing business wear free of charge to persons in search of employment or training during the workshop "boost".

The workshops on "boost", those are sessions of individual counseling for two hours, composed of:
- A 45-minute image consulting : the goal is to find a suitable outfit that the person appropriates.
- 45 minutes of maintenance white : accompanied by two volunteers, human resources professionals, the candidate is advised from a practical point of view to hold the codes of verbal and non-verbal of the interview (clamping firm hand, to know how to accept a glass of water, take notes, etc).
- 30 minutes photo : the idea is to allow people met to have a photo id, which they will insert in their RESUME. A second photo, of full foot this time, which allows them to leave with a "souvenir" of their visit to The Tie of Solidarity !

The objective of these workshops is to give the trust necessary for individuals seeking employment or training. Feeling comfortable in his clothes improves the position of the job seeker.

In a world where appearance is more important, La Cravate Solidaire offers a solution for people in search of a job have all the keys to succeed in their job interview.

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