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We are Les Amis de Sam, a non-profit association based in Aix en Provence, but involved in the PACA region. We work every day to protect animals and rescue those whose rights are violated. We fight against abuse and abandonment, we want mass sterilization for animals in shelters, pounds but also in individuals is mandatory. We are fighting for 1st and 2nd class dogs to be enforced. We are fighting for abuse to be penalized and for laws to be enforced. Our work has several aspects, to carry out investigations on cases of abuse reported to us, care of animals abandoned, sick, injured, traumatized by providing both physical and mental care. We set up the weaning of puppies and orphan kittens. We act and inform about the benefits of sterilization, in particular to stop the proliferation and epidemics that result. We help individuals who have significant financial problems to sterilize their animals. We achieve our goals thanks to the dedication of our volunteers and host families who allow us to socialize animals until they are adopted. For some animals that are in great difficulty we involve educators and / or behavioralists to give them the maximum chance of being adopted. We do not practice euthanasia of convenience even for older animals, we treat them as long as we can overcome their suffering. Neither for category 1 or 2 dogs, which are the hardest cases that often come out of abuse, we give them the maximum chance of finding a family. The animals we take under our protection are all sterilized, identified and vaccinated before being put to adoption. We have a very strict adoption protocol, telephone interviews, pre-visits and post-adoption follow-up. In the year 2017 we made 200 rescues.

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