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The right, tool and object of mobilization

Our Business is made up of lawyers and volunteer lawyers who seek to establish by law, the advocacy and mobilization of citizens a responsibility for the effective and objective view of the human vis-à-vis the environment. Our Business to All work, and to the establishment of a climate justice, the respect and the improvement of environmental law. The association supports the victims of climate change and work to build new responsibilities for the States in environmental matters. The law is one of the most effective tools to foster the change we want to see in society, defend nature and the vulnerable populations.
Climate justice : we have to fight together against inequality, socio-environmental

We conduct many projects :
- The Deal of the Century, the claim against the French government for inaction in the face of climate change. The petition of support accompanying this legal action has brought together more than 2 million signatures.
- The Peole's Climate Check : ten families are suing the european Union in justice, and requiring a sufficient level of protection against climate change.
- The call for a Constitution Green.
- The territories which they defend : we support the territorial communities in the face of big multinational pollueuses. In particular, with the project to launch a litigation against the company Total.
- The documentation of the impacts of climate change in France and the visibilization of the people affected.
And well d 'other projects in the pipeline...

An international movement :

The movement for climate justice is growing around the world, around many procedures driven by the citizen-nes aimed at making accountable the perpetrators of climate change and prevent environmental crimes. France should take part in this movement.

What will serve your gifts ?

In the past 3 years, the lawyer-es and lawyers, Our Business is All unpaid work carried out by the deep conviction of the lever incredible to change the course of climate policies that constitute the legal instrument for the citizen-the nes face-to-leaders-are too often deaf to these issues.

In 2019, the association change of scale with the launch of the Deal of The Century. To win this action and pursue our different advocacy actions, we need a team of employees who can step in full-time, without constraint of time or income, in the work of coordination, communication and legal research.

With your donation, you ensure the independence of Our Business at All, you give us the means to act for climate justice, to advance our rights and those of nature !

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