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In SOS Kinderdörfer parents will find lots and abandoned children a loving home: you grow up in an SOS family, cared for by their children's village mother, together with brothers and sisters. In the surroundings of our SOS children's villages, we offer to needy families through our family strengthening programmes help to self-help. Our approach: Act before children end up on the street.

SOS Kinderdörfer are also the starting point of emergency actions, we help children and their families in disasters and crisis areas. As a family educational pioneer, we set the us since 1949 for the rights of vulnerable girls and boys in need.

SOS Kinderdörfer promote children and young people in their individual personality and support them in their development so that they can take their lives later in the Hand and your company to have a positive influence. Whatever we do, the child is always in the center!

On average, we accompany children and young people 17 years and promote them individually.

Each supervised child reaches demonstrably later, ten more people in the area. Thus, we contribute in poor countries for the sustainable development of the municipalities. Our work reached over 1.5 million people worldwide.

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